Nonfungible Authenticity

Nonfungibles or more properly, a “nonfungible token” (NFT) is something that has no value in the tradition sense. Value is in Authenticity. In the age of AI, authenticity will be valued as never before. It’s already begun.

First, it was Hollywood writers and actors. One of the main sticking points in their strike was artificial intelligence. Union Auto Workers in their contract agreement conceded that AI will ultimately cull their worker ranks. But if pay rates are equitable, unions agreed that’s acceptable.  

Even fashion models want protection against Artificial Intelligence created lookalikes in which they have no financial, nonfungible, or other interest.  Amazon Kindle now requires self-publishing authors to certify whether or not a work contains AI-generated content.

What all these groups demonstrate is that Authenticity will be a valuable commodity in the future, a nonfungible authenticity. 

Original. One of a Kind.  Authenticated. authenticity nonfungible commodity  

Nonfungible Authenticity

As AI transforms and integrates into more of our lives, the demarcation between real and fake will blur indistinguishably. 

Artificial Intelligence must never be allowed to supplant basic humanity however. The Authentic must always be held high above the artificial.

The day AI and Authenticated are viewed as equal will be the official end of mankind.  Between then and now, Authenticity will become king. 

The Original. One of a Kind. The First.  Authenticated.

For the business professional, known and “owned” skills and abilities will be valued as never before. Writing ability, STEM knowledge, and human-people skills will be the measure of success among those who are the authenticated engine of commerce in America.

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